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5 th grow. Organic Soil. Led 4×2 tent.
I’ve always made clones when I shave the legs just for fun and practice. Why not. Practice is good and solo cups don’t take much room. Lost one that went male one time and Hermed my girls. That was funny…. now. Well I had 100% success when I was messing around.

Well first time I tried cloning for real. I got some fem Pineapple Express from a friend. I thought I’d plant one. Make 8 clones and fill my tent with 2 gallon pots and have some 2 ft tall girls eventually.
clones aren’t doing well. I tried some aloe Vera on some. Nothing on some. And clones gel on the text. They’re all falling over or turning black. I made a dome with a clear Rubbermaid bin little opening at the bottom for minimal air flow . Temp is 75 humidity is 75 outside of the dome and sprayed daily 2xs and spray the dome. Cut clones at 45 degree angle lights in 20 off 4 recycled fox farm ocean forest so it’s not too hot I watered mother 12 hours before cutting clones. Holes in bottom of solo cups so I can bottom feed to not disturb the soil on top. Little coconut water and YES RECHARGEEEEEE! Mother is 9 weeks old. Crappy Mars reflector 100 watt blurple light 30”
don’t what else I can tell you.
sorry for the book. Hope I can learn something. Thought I was pretty thorough. Maybe the strain is just hard to clone??

Soon I’ll be buying a new hlg. They got some stuff coming out in feb I’m waiting to see.