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Happy new year to the DGC, best wishes for all. I hope everyone had a great holiday season.

I have a question about cloning and keeping mothers for a couple months.

I would like to pop 3-4 different seeds of different strains to take cuttings from to give away to friends in the spring. Spread the love, right? The clones would need to be ready for planting for the last week of May/first week of June. (Clones should be about 2 weeks old I guess) I would then transplant the mothers in my greenhouse and grow them out over the summer.

How old should the mothers be before I take 6-8 cuttings off each plant? I guess the major question is when should I pop these seeds in order to veg them long enough to give me 6-8 cuttings each, clone them, have them rooted and ready for transplant by June 01 2020. Im trying to keep the mothers as small as I can. I will veg them in a 3×3. Is 18 square inches enough space to keep a mother for 8 weeks?

thanks for being here DGC, you guys always come thru in the clutch!

Growers love!