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Firstly many thanks for all the knowledge and content, I truly believe that Cannabis and Hemp can change the way the world is for people if it was allowed to be grown and produced properly lets say.

I love growing (anything) I find it very therapeutic, have grown photos before and will of course continue to grow them. Currently though I am in love with autos, I think it is because growing in any country where the governing mente prohibits that sort of hobby, speed is key I believe, plus I could happily sit in my tent and watch the ladies dance. Now how I had my set up I had 6 plants at various stages of growth so I was potentially harvesting a plant or 3, depending on what seeds had been germinated. every 3- 4 weeks.

The first time I cloned am auto I trimmed the bottom side branch from a plant I knew would do nothing. Now she was already in preflower when I did this, but the clone yielded about an 8th.

Next time I cloned was from a dutch passion Colorado cookies, I took that clone about 10 days before she went into flower, having grown her on a few occasions,this clone yielded close to an ounce.

Perhaps the DGC auto growers could have a clone off see who gets the best results.

My question I then got the idea of spraying the clone with colloidal silver so I could collect the pollen. Lets face it how many times have we grown an auto and said man I wish I could have cloned that. Theoretically would that not contain the genetics of the desired phenom. I am aware that further steps would need to be taken to stabilise the genetics. It’s just something I put some thought into, after all is not experimentation  and pushing the boundaries how we better our selves as a growing community?

Thank you in advance