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I have a question regarding cloning, I figured I would post progress pics of the Blue Dream in my flowerin tent (I can’t remember who the breeder is).  She is roughly week 4 of flower and so far so good, I do need to get in there and do some clearing of fan leaves.

I have a perpetual grow and was always under the impression that is was best to have mothers that you would get your clones from but I’ve been hearing of people taking clippings right before the flip to flower and just repeating this process.  I always thought you would weaken the genetics by doing that but that could of just been bro science I randomly made up one day. I have a 4×4 tent that I keep my favorite genetics/mothers in but if I didn’t need to do that anymore I could use that space for another flow/veg tent.  I don’t mind keeping mothers and have had some hang around for years.

I try my best to use my space and energy consumption effectively and yield the best quality cannabis in the process.  If anyone has any experience or information on the matter please let me know.   Thanks!