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Ok so before I can get to my question I have to get this out of the way… I freaking love Recharge like that shit is gold, alas I’m not here to sing your praises, no, I need some knowledge… So I have a super thick bushy mother plant that has 4 main stalks and each one is inundated with secondary and tertiary branches. So instead of making of a bunch of smaller clones could I cut this girl into 4 main branches and (re-root?) each new plant or would this just be way too much stress? And as far as stress taking ability this girl is a punching bag and I have literally broken a branch off, licked it, stuck it in soil, and had it root in just a few days with nothin but saliva… I’m growing under 2, 50 watt uv, a 300 watt blurple, and a 100 watt white (full spectrum) led and it’s just this girl by herself in a 7 gal fabric pots in a organic super soil.. also I add a smidge of foop organic in my regular deep well water. Any help with this issue would be most helpful thanks and have a dank day.