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Hello crew. This question Is directed more toward guru and his advanced lighting knowledge.

I have heard that a cmh bulb can be installed and used in a 1000 watt de fixture as long as the ballast is turned down to the proper wattage I.e with a 630 bulb the ballast would be turned down to 600 watts.

First off is this true? Can a hps fixture fire a cmh bulb?

Second, to my understanding running a 630 cmh is far more efficient then running a 1000 watt de based on micromole/joule, Is it still as efficient and effective when run with a hps ballast? Will my micromole/joule still become more effective in the old fixture compared to one designed for a cmh.

I guess what I’m asking is can i replace my 1000 watt de hps bulbs for 630 or 945 and still get the same advantages using a ballast not designed for it?

Thanks guru and the crew.

(Sounds like cannabis cup Detroit sept 9-10. Let’s get some dgc hangouts.)