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What’s up DGC!! I haven’t set up my space just yet but I’m at a cross roads on lighting. I’m going to be running a 3×3 tent with 4 plants per run most likely some amended coco with organic material to support microbial life. I’d really appreciate any help I can get on this. I’m torn between CMH and LED. Pros for me in CMH is that it has UV light and a good spectrum as well as. Pros for led is that they run cooler as well as having less mounting height in my grow area. Cons for CMH is the extra heat as well as bulb changes and the size of the fixtures. Cons for LED is mainly the upfront price as well as the lack of penetration into the canopy (this is from things I’ve read not from experience). I’m leaning towards either building a cob setup probably 1818 048’s and for CMH I like the sun system 315 CMH with the integrated ballast it’s a square hood not air cooled. Again any help I can get with this would be greatly appreciated. Peace ✌️