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I wanna add co2 in my 4×4 and 5×5 the best way I can to reach the goals they need to maximize yields while not messing with the plants quality I’m really trying to aim for quality. I’m growing in coco perlite 70/30. general Hydroponics line nutes and I’m trying to control humidity. I got another humidifier coming in and I’m still waiting on my 6 in fan uPhrase from ac affinity. I keep it pretty good in my 4×4 but my 5×5 it’s always a little lower then I’d like but lmk on co2. I finally joined your Patreon a year later after getting loads of info from the community lol thanks 🙏🏽 What’s your advice on adding co2 in my 2 separate tents like the best way that’s friendly to my pocket I wanna be able to monitor co2 levels and all. Growing in coco perlite with frequent fertigations. Really trying to get good at this stuff and see if I can get into the legal side once it’s legal in nj\ny would be amazing. I’m also getting to a point in my room where I’m running a lot of power and breakers keep going off I’ve had to get extensions cords to try and use energy from other parts in my home but I want to find out a better way to be able to increase the amount of energy I can use in my room. I’m trying to see what limits I can reach and with the energy I’m able to use. I can’t get anymore.