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Hello Dude, Scotty, Guru, & Trip.

1st let me say I’ve been away from the dgc for too long. Just had a baby last month and started a new career.

Also it’s tough coming up with good questions, for in almost thousand episodes (Congrats in 900+) of Dude grows show I’ve been educated on almost every circumstance and scenario that I’ve been presented with for the last several years of growing and passed with flying colors.

But today I have a question about CO2 generator safety.

My friends has an almost brand new CO2 generator that he wants to get rid of. I noticed that separating my unused gas dryer outlet & my grow room is only a small piece of drywall. That got me thinking about purchasing it.

But I’m nervous about using gases.

I guess my question is what are the best practices for generating CO2? I know that there is different solenoids for propane or natural gas..

But from there that ends my knowledge on the subject.

Hope to have a dgc meet to soon

Growers Love