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Hope all is well with EVERYONE in the mighty DGC!
Had a question about upgrading HLG 300 last month that you addressed on show 993, which was a great morale booster for me bye the way! I was like “Holy shit, I made the show again!” – Had my first grow hack on 2 shows earlier. Anyway, one of the suggestions you gave was possibly adding CO2. While looking into that, I saw a video where the guy mentioned CO2 levels are different on different levels of your house. Attics have the least, basements the most & can be significantly higher because CO2 is heavier & sinks to the bottom. He said some basements can be 1000 ppm or higher normally! I’d really like to check what the levels in my basement are BEFORE moving forward with anything, but can’t seem to find a CO2 meter that isn’t $100 or more. Isn’t there some cheap & easy way? It would really suck to blow a hundred or more just to find out I am already at a good level now. Is there something out there I missed that you would suggest? I suppose I could call the gas company & say I smell gas, better send someone out here with a meter… But that’s really not my style. Might sniff the wrong stuff too. Not good here in prohibition land. Hope you can help. Thanks again for doing what you do, and getting the rest of us through. Can’t ever get enough! Stay safe, my friends!