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dude what’s up scotty and guru,, what i got for a cheep co’2 grow hack is two show off,,  this is my co’2 generator ,,,that makes co2 for my grows for about 5$ a grow…..What we have hear is a citric acid co’2 generator straight from amazon  citric acid generator kit a stainless steel fire extinguisher fill it with 1 cup citric acid 2 cups of baking soda pour in 1 cup of water ,,,i always add a little more and ,, Screw on the cap !!!!! before you loose all you co’2 MAN,,  THAT EASY…Once the pressure reaches green mark 20 pounds plug in the electric on off switch, two a timer and your good with 1 bubble a sec,, this won’t get your sealed tent above 1200 ,, i think..?????     I have never tested it,,! or can speak two any level’s ,,it is just a simple co’2 addition for a grow with ambient reg level’s of co’2 …..I  have been using these and can tell ya all this gets my clones and seedlings up and GROWING QUICK,, i throw them in the flower tent mabey 2 or 3 feet it dont take long i time it with the cycle of the one growing… cheers all use’s amazing folks hear at dgc …! I wish i could of seen ya all at the dgc cup….. But i would of blew all my savings on the plain ticket and a dude’s gots eat and sleep,, so it was not some thing i could afford… SEE YA ON THE NEXT ONE.. I WILL BE SAVING THIS YEAR… ROCK ON DUDE SCOTTY AND GURU…peace