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WHATS GOOD DGC!!! Wanna start off saying y’all are dope. Super happy to be a part of the DGC! Everyone hates on Scotty interrupting but I like it, Makes the convo seem more genuine and not like an interview. Dude said no one complains about him so I’m here to say sometimes you shut down convo, I get that it’s bc you have a schedule but I always am curious where the convo would have went.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about this since the grow tour in Oklahoma and seen the amount of CO2 the girls put out while sleeping. I have a veg closet and, will have, 2 flower tents. If the girls give out so much CO2 while sleeping would it be smart to have my lights go off for one tent as my other tent turns on? So one tent will be on from 6pm to 6am, my other tent will be on from 6am to 6pm and my veg will be on from 10am to 2am to give each tent 4 hours of CO2 from the veg.

sorry my hack has more question than advice but it’s something I wanna try and I think could help others. Y’all are dope, stay dopey, smoke a dooby