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Love the DGC!

I thought I’d share a hack I’ve been using on and off for a few years. If you are going to ferment something to produce CO2, why not ferment something that you can use? I bought a bag of cracked corn, some sugar, and some yeast. After I made the mash (easy instructions on google) I let it ferment until it stops CO2 production (the air trap on the 5 gallon water jug stops bubbling). Then I distill it using a little one gallon, stove top still that I got online. I’ve actually produced some 160 proof shine ( I normally cut it down to 80 proof.) that I gifted, in little pint mason jars, at Christmas and New Years. And for some reason, there seems to be less of a stigma around it… Go figure…  I am thinking of trying to make a run of rum next grow. Cheers!