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What’s up Dude, Scotty and Guru?! Thanks for all the great shows. Proud member of the DGC here, wanna see you guys get to 1000! Real quick question, what source of CO2 do you guys prefer, burner or tank? I understand the cost of tanks is greater, so we don’t have to make that a major factor. I’m building a sealed room for the first time, after years of ventilation and fresh air, therefore I will be using one source of CO2 or the other. I already have propane service, so that isn’t a factor to expand on either. I’ve heard some negatives about burners, maintenance, heat and possible plant harming effects through outputs other than CO2 (poisoning plants). So what would you guys choose? How safe are burners for home use? Thanks as always guys, stay high, ChemMattik-Mattik!