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Hey Dude and Scotty. Longbottomleaf here with another question. Much like Scotty I have just moved out to the country on the side of a little mountain here in Maine. I am setting up my new grow in the basement and the wife is letting me get a new CO2 system when we get the tax returns.  We go rec on January 30 here in Maine.  So I have not so sealed floors above an 8’x12′ veg and 10’x12′ flower and a 8’x12′ mother/clone room all three connected. The walls are sealed between the rooms. I am going to run vents to hoods for the lights to a can filter with an 8″can fan. The question is what type of CO2 system would you use in a new basement set.  Grow store is 15 min away so tanks are possible. I am willing to pay a little more up front if there is a ROI for efficiency. 1 tank? 2 tanks? Spray foam the ceilings? Is my family safe upstairs? Thanks guys #growerslove.