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Sirs Dude, Scotty, guru, and DGC peoples,

I have a predicament, I plan on moving from the east coast to California following my harvest and dry, and I intend on bringing the spoils of my recent labor with me to at least keep me medicated and recreated until I can get my hands on a med card, not 21 yet, won’t be able to enjoy rec stores. Anyway, I heard that if you package up your ganj in mail packaging with a label and such details, even if I was to be searched driving across prohibition land, a cop couldn’t open it. A) is this true/any experience with this? B) would my buds cure weird in jars in a packed car/u-haul in a cardboard box for any reason?

thanks in advance for all or any feedback,

-Growman gav (previously MiloAsloGrows)