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What’s up Dude Crew, new grower here! I recently found the podcast and have been just addicted trying to soak up all the info you guys have and I really do appreciate everything you guys do here on the show, my confidence has gone up and couldn’t be more excited to start my third grow! But I was watching a video where Scotty was talking about how he uses 60% coco 20%perlite 20% castings, some biochar, rock dust and slow release which I’m guessing he waters in? Also talked about how much better for the environment coco is to make then peat. So my question is since I’ve been using gaia and I’m kind of comfortable with it should I stick to my peat mix or would I have to switch either the fertilizer or grow medium? From what I understand the castings and biochar act as a place for microbes to live so I am not sure if that’s enough or worth trying. Ordered me some recharge too to help me along the way. Much love from Calgary, Alberta.