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Hey guys hope everyone had a great holiday and has an amazing new year. I just finished a harvest of some blueberry autoflower and have a few more coming up in the next few weeks and months. My question comes from me noticing that the top maybe 2-4 in of top soil(coco/perlite) is always looser and really tight below. I know coco is a sponge and the water absorbs in the media and i’m getting good runoff. For my younger plants the coco is very loose and i can go down almost to the bottom of the bag without any resistance. Now go into the day 80 lady and i it feels like a block of coco when you pick the bag up. Its not loose anymore and i assume this is due to roots holding everything together? Now for the question. Should I be mixing the coco more while its growing to keep the medium looser so “in theory” the roots can stretch to edges of the bag? My harvests aren’t bad. Definitely smaller because of autos but i wonder if i’m doing something wrong and can be doing something to maximize my roots and take advantage of the whole 3 gal radicle bag. Thanks for any help!
Stay Irie friends!