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Hi DGC so currently I have an Organic grow going on. But recently I got a hell of a deal I bought someone’s grow room they were moving and had to get rid of everything I got 2 hydrofarm hps setups 1 600watt and 1 1000 watta hydrofarm exhaust, 2ft 4bulb t5 fixture and a bunch of hydroponics nutrients. They are the 3 part Advanced nutrients and a bunch of the AN extras like big bud and overdrive. I have never used before and my question is that I have just the regular pH perfect stuff and I know they make a specific lineup for coco and I plan on growing in coco can I use their regular stuff for coco though if that makes sense? Thanks for any help. PS I only plan on using because it came with the lights and I don’t want to waste it so gonna do a couple synthetic runs.