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Hello DGC! Not sure if this is bad or not. The plants are thriving and there’s no problems as of now. Im using 70 30 coco perlite, Green Planet nutes, Castings, King Crab and Recharge once a week.. I’m trying Vermisterra worm castings and the new King Crab microbe product on this run and I noticed this fungus on top. I’ve heard Trichoderma doesn’t really work in coco and some have said this is just that. Trichoderma. I’m fairly new to coco so i’m not really sure. I’m guessing the worm castings brought this on. King Crab doesn’t contain Trichoderma, just bacteria. I’m worried spores may blow around and that cant be good in a tent or anywhere for that matter. It is slowly increasing as the plants grow but everything is rocking so i’m not acting just yet. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks!