Special shout out to Scotty and the rest of the gang at Real Growers.  You’ve got a super simple grow system that really works!  I’m a happy hydro grower (DWC) in Massachusetts, and my setup works great.  I grow tons of delicious, sticky, beautiful, dank weed and am able supply my friends and family with primo bud.  While I don’t stress too much over the DWC grow, it does require a fair amount of time and attention…particularly at certain times of the grow cycle (like mid-flower).  I usually time the grows so that I know I will be in town during those critical weeks.  This summer, however, I had too many vacations planned to make it all work…but I didn’t want to shut down everything for the entire summer.  Solution? I decided to try Real Buckets! I had purchased a couple of them earlier and had not tried them yet because my tents were all being used for DWC.  I was actually thinking of trying them outdoor when I bought them…but now I had tent space available.  Perfect.  And, since part of the objective of the Real Bucket system is to make growing as simple as possible, that’s the approach I took.  I germinated a couple of freebie autoflower seeds, potted them in the Real Buckets with coco, perlite, and grow dots, topped the plants at 4 nodes, and watered in some recharge about once a week.  Once the plants were in the buckets, I only gave them about 5 minutes of time a week…no training, pruning, amending, spraying or anything like that. I basically set them and forget them.  Last month I chopped them down and hung them to dry…and today they are cured and ready to smoke.  I have to say, those plants grew some very respectable weed!  It’s not quite as dank as my hydro stuff, and the plants didn’t look so healthy the second half of flower, but it’s a very good smoke…much better than the typical dispensary fare for sure.  And the best part is that they required virtually zero effort.  6 ounces for about an hour of work total!  I’m impressed!  In fact, I just acquired a 2×2 tent and light so I can always have a couple of Real Buckets going in addition to the DWC garden.  Why not?!  It’s so easy! This bud is practically free!  But…I have a question…are there some simple additional things I could do to bump the quality up a notch?  I’m trying some photoperiods this time, but I really want to keep the these very low maintenance.  Are there any ammendments or something out there that people have had luck with in a coco/Grow Dots/Recharge set up?  Maybe some aspect of the environment that might help? What do you think?