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So, I was looking on and saw that they were selling 8 ounce packs of freeze dried coconut water powder for plants. The product also sites a study by three scientist, two of them in Singapore, and the third scientist at MIT university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the composition of Plant Growth Regulators in coconut water. As I was reading, I remembered that I have some Pineapple Mango coconut water with Aquamin, which is a calcium derived from algae harvested in the North Atlantic, so I have started giving my girls one teaspoon of this powder per gallon of nutrient mixture. I am adding this for the PGRs in the coconut water, but also as an extra source of sugar for the microbes in the soil. I have added this the last two feedings along with Green Planet’s Hydro Fuel line of nutrients and Real Growers Recharge, and I can say I have never seen my plants this healthy and frosty. I can’t wait to see how my final harvest turns out. I wanted to submit this to the DGC to see what others thought concerning adding this to cannabis plants.  An 8 oz package of coconut powder from Build A Soil is $23, and an 8 oz package of mango coconut water with Aquamin from is $17.95.  Also, if anyone is interested in reading more about the natural PGRs found in coconut water, you can read the article I found below on “The Chemical Composition and Biological Properties of Coconut.”

Stay lifted DGC!