Easy Coconut Oil Edibles

Whats up DGC!  Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy method to make your own cannabis infused coconut oil.  This recipe is super easy and will allow you to turn your home grown bud into delicious homemade edibles!

Theres lots of methods for making your own edibles, but I’ve found this method to be quick, effective, and very easy!

Before we get started, I’d like to give a shout out to Emily Kyle and her excellent website,  https://emilykylenutrition.com/

Emily is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, who specializes in responsible cannabis consumption to support a healthy lifestyle.  Emily and her husband Phil are culinary experts who are also licensed hemp farmers in New York state.  They’ve created a great website with lots of information about cannabis edibles and recipes.  Their website is a great resource that helped me learn a lot about edibles and helped inform this article.  Thanks!

Please check out all the great edible information at www.EmilyKyleNutrition.com and send them some DGC love!

Alrighty… lets get started!

5 Step Easy Infused Coconut Oil

  1. Measure
  2. Decarb
  3. Infuse
  4. Strain
  5. Store and Enjoy!

(That’s right folks…. It really is that simple!)


1. Measure

The strength of your coconut oil depends on several factors, but the main variables are:

    • How much oil are you making?
    • How much cannabis are you using?
    • How strong is the cannabis?

You can adjust your recipe based on your personal preferences but here’s some guidelines to get you started:

A good place to start is 2 cups (16fl oz) of oil per ounce of flower.

If you use 2 cups of oil per oz of flower, your results will look something like this

    • 5% THC cannabis (or trim) = oil around 10.5 mg per teaspoon
    • 10% THC cannabis = oil around 21 mg per teaspoon
    • 15% THC cannabis = oil around 31.7 mg per teaspoon
    • 20% THC cannabis = oil around 42 mg per teaspoon
    • 25% THC cannabis = oil around 53 mg per teaspoon

You can also make double strength oil with 1 cup of oil per ounce of cannabis.  (WARNING, this is pretty damn strong!)

If you use 1 cup of oil per oz of flower, your results will look something like this

    • 5% THC cannabis (or trim) = oil around 21 mg per teaspoon
    • 10% THC cannabis = oil around 42 mg per teaspoon
    • 15% THC cannabis = oil around 63 mg per teaspoon
    • 20% THC cannabis = oil around 85 mg per teaspoon
    • 25% THC cannabis = oil around 106 mg per teaspoon

* As I said above… WARNING!  THIS IS STRONG! *

When in Doubt, Use the Calculator!

Heres a great tool for helping you figure out edible potency.  You can use it to estimate the strength of your oil, or for estimating the strength of edibles you make with your oil.

Click the linked image below to use the Edible Calculator from EmilyKyleNutrition.com (Thank you Emily for sharing this great resource!)

Here’s a jar with about 2oz of untrimmed bud that I used for making my oil. I made this batch before discovering the calculator, so lets just say it came out STRONG. 🙂

2. Decarb

For best results, cannabis needs to be heated before its consumed.  Raw cannabis contains mostly THCA which is a similar to THC, but much less psychoactive.  Heating raw cannabis converts THCA into THC, making it a lot more potent for use in edibles.  This process is known as “decarboxylation”.  It sounds complicated, but its actually really easy!

Easy Cannabis Decarboxylation

  1.  Put cannabis in a canning jar
  2.  Put the lid on the jar so its air tight, but don’t over tighten it
  3. Bake the sealed jar in the oven at 220-240 degrees for 30-40 minutes
  4. Carefully remove the jar from the oven and let it cool before opening it

Sealing the bud into jars for decarbing helps preserve all the “good stuff” in the cannabis and makes for better quality oil.  Make sure not to overheat your cannabis, as temps too high will start to break down THC.

To learn more about decarboxylation, check out this great article on decarbing cannabis from Emily Kyle Nutrition


3. Infuse

Now that we have decarbed our cannabis, its time to start infusing some oil!  Take your jars of decarbed bud and add your coconut oil.  Make sure to add enough oil to fully submerge the cannabis.  Once you’ve got your jars filled up, its time to heat them again to infuse the oil.  A hot water bath is the best way to apply heat, but you can use a crock pot, an “Instant Pot”, or just a pot of water on the stove.  The important thing is to keep your jars in a water bath around 170-190 degrees for about 4 hours to get a complete infusion.

Heat your water to 170-190 degrees, then add your sealed jars to the water bath and maintain 170-190 degree water temps for 4 hours.

I used a pot on the stove and a digital thermometer to achieve this, but you can also use a crock pot (on low) or one of those fancy “Instant Pots”.

Jars being infused. I used a big pot of water that I kept around 170-190 degrees using the stove and a digital thermometer. I kept the jars in this water bath for 4 hrs. I put a towel at the bottom of the pot to help protect the jars.

4. Strain

Once your oil has been fully infused, its time to strain out the cannabis chunks.  Let the jars cool for a little bit so you can safely handle them without burning yourself.  Let them cool enough that you can handle the jars, but don’t let it fully cool down yet as the oil may start to solidify.

While the oil is still warm and liquidy, pour it through a tea strainer, cheese cloth, or whatever tool you have on hand that can help you separate the chunks from the oil.  I recommend using a filter with large mesh, then filtering again through a smaller mesh.  This helps remove all the little bits of plant material and gives you a cleaner final product.

I used this mesh jar lid for my first filtering. This filters out the big chunks but doesnt catch all the little stuff. You can usually find these mesh jar lids anywhere that sells jars and canning supplies.

To filter out the little stuff, I used these fine mesh tea strainers. You can find them anywhere that sells loose leaf teas or kitchen supplies.

Jars of finished oil. Still warm, but strained and ready for use or storage.

5. Store and Enjoy!

At this point our oil is finished and ready to consume!  (hooray!)  You can now eat a spoonful, make edibles, or put it into storage for future use.  Infused coconut oil can be stored in the fridge or freezer to extend the shelf life.

When stored in the fridge, coconut oil will solidify and sometimes makes cool patterns.

A solid chunk of coconut oil, stored in the fridge.

You can use your infused coconut oil to make all kinds of fun stuff!  Heres a few ideas to get you started.

  • Brownies
  • Grilled cheese (a soup favorite… slow cook at low temps so you don’t over heat the oil)
  • Capsules
  • Gummies
  • Skin cream
  • or just eat some!

Check out EmilyKyleNutrition.com for more great edible recipes you can make with your oil.

Dark chocolate brownies made with Ghirardelli brownie mix and my homemade infused oil. They taste amazing and are like 250+ mg thc per tiny brownie.

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