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What up DGC. I’m in a bit of a debate currently. I have been using this tactic since the beginning and have never had problems with it. to the contrary, I have seen huge benefits from it. The guy I work for, on the other hand refuses to acknowledge the reality that some of his methods are suspect. The question is how early to introduce an oscillating fan to the plants and when to begin bracing them with stakes.  I am the guy who brings in the fan immediately. If you use a clone machine, I put the fan on the box as soon as I get done placing the cuttings in the box. If you use the tray and dome method, which is my preference, then you bring in the fan shortly after they adjust to the dome being removed. Usually less than a day after the dome is removed. My friend on the other hand chooses not to put on a fan, but instead, immediately bracing them with a stake. He claims they are to weak to stand on their own.  The plants I grow never need a stake until at minimum, late veg. Most never see a stake until a couple weeks into flower when I use a short center stake (4ft) and build a cage around them with four 6 ft stakes and some 14 0r 17 gauge wire made for electric fencing.  His plants on the other hand seem to need coddling and unless some work is done to strengthen their base with more dirt or to compress the dirt around the root system, then they will never stand up for themselves and always seem to need extra support. I’m interested to know what you guys are doing out there.  Who is coddling the weak, and who has their face in the sun and the wind at their back.  Shout out to all the DGC, Scotty, the Dude, Guru, and the rest of the guys behind the scenes.