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Seeds from Neptune seeds. 42 is the breeder. Code black og is the strain it is BlackBerry crossed with OG. Smells just like blackberries and the classic OG sent. I grew it with grow more products and switched to the complete Canna line in flower I also use harpin proteins ,overgrow ,in a few other ¬†secrets. I was able to achieve some good color by bringing the temps down. These were the freebies and I absolutely love them I highly recommend 42. They were grown under double ended HPS and supplemental metal halide light. I grow in octopots, and everyone else should too LOL, I just get the most weight out of this grow system. Growers love let me know what you think. Oh wait I forgot the one product that actually is the most important RECHARGE ¬†BABY!!! I’d never forget you guys peace.