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Hey y’all.  I thought I would show you part of the grow I am constructing.  This is my solution for cooling tents without cooling an entire room.  This is rigid styro insulation with an R factor of 5 I believe.  I glued the pieces together with construction adhesive and taped the corners just in case air snuck through.  I also built a pvc frame to add some strength and to support the lid. Two holes were cut and ducting pieces were wire meshed and inserted into the holes.  A self regulating AC unit was placed into the window and the window was sealed before placing the box onto the AC unit.  The box was then ducted into my veg and bloom tents. On my test run the AC’s compressor ran for about a minute to fill roughly 32 cubic ft in this box.


After the box was complete I cut holes for ducting.  I then taped metal screen over the fitting on the inside to help filter debris. After I set a window AC (mustin position and sealed the window, I slid the box over the AC unit so it faced into the box. Eventually there will be an intake fan on the big tent that is turned on by rising temps.