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Straight up apologizing for the massive post.

Yo guys, greetings from DownUnder, new member here (finally), I’ll get right to it. I’ve had the issue over time with various genetics throwing pollen sacs from lower nodes from time to time. Unfortunately the ones that tend to do it are the newer fire genetics often sourced from multiple female plants (ie the male was unseen for multiple generations) -Snake Venom, Sherbet, Louis XIII,  Birthday Cake are just some.

I’ve been growing for 15+ years and only recently become aware of the cold stress in dark periods causing hermies.  I’ve previously caused it in the top of the canopy due to light stress, but wasn’t aware of temperature stress causing this (I was able to grow inside the house previously).  It’s something that did start to happen more frequently when I moved out of the city a few years ago to country town where I had some more space and a big shed, which did get pretty cold at night.  For that reason, I run my 5’x10′ rig at night, so the temperatures are more balanced between day and night, but even the day temperatures were quite low at times (ie 45-60F/5-15C) which did cause me to lose vegetative growth in the stretch, but caused stretching during flower after the initial stretch.

Some genetics responded by throwing pollen sacs from the lower nodes and half-pollinated the room (ie 8 or 9 other plants) causing me the frustration of a seeded crop, something I’m clearly trying to avoid.

This has happened to various genetics in testing recently which I now figure is due to my low winter temps, what minimum temp do I need to maintain at night to stop this from happening? Fahrenheit is fine I’m like Guru and can convert.

FYI my genetic stable at the moment contains:
Blackwater from Cali Connection (recently retired Louis XIII OG due to the problem above)
Connoisseur Cookies from Connoisseur (dankest cookies I could get in 2014)
Gorilla Bomb from Bomb Seeds
Snake Venom and VCDC from Moxie
White Rhino from Greenhouse
Chemdog(hermied) and 707Truthband from HSO
Northern Lights X Big Bud from World of Seeds
Sunset Sherbet from Pheno Finder (also hermied)
Tombstone from Greenpoint seeds

I’m always blowing through new seeds every 3/4 rounds looking for new keepers to update the stable as I’m a confessed flavour pig! Denver got me hooooooked silly!

Also please let me know if anyone is slinging, or looking to sling recharge down under, I think you’ll have a huge market for it down here I got a few friends in the import/distribution game here who might be down for it.  There are lots of personal growers and people looking to grow quality organic medicine down here and recharge is one of the missing pieces that can help everyone get better results from everything I hear and read.

Great work Scotty, Dude and Guru.  Love your hard work and frosty nugz!

Please enjoy another one of mine!

Pic 1 is the CMH side of 5’x10′ tent with 2x 315 CMH and a 300w blurple under light. Front Left plant is Connoisseur Cookies, White Rhino Behind, 2x Gorilla Bomb on the right hand side.

Pic 2 is Connoisseur Cookies from a run about a year ago and I’m looking forward to posting some sexy follow ups on DGC and on CannaBuzz.


The Captain