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Hello Dude, Scotty, and Guru.

I’m running my first set of autos and am 40 days in. Been really enjoying it but reading more and more about the economic downside to autos (no clones, males, ect.).

I have noticed most auto breeders sell predominately feminized seeds making it nearly certain the customer returns time and time again.

After listening to an old episode with Rasta Jeff and hearing him explain the process of feminized seed breeding, I was curious if you could do this with autos?

Could you flower 2 female autos, hit one with colloidal silver, have it pollinate the other, and then replenish your feminized auto seed stock for that strain?

Am I missing something that prevents us with doing this with autos? Would love to not need to return to the seed bank every grow because I do plan on allocating at least part of my grow for autos.  Thoughts?