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Social use Initiative 300 is significant because it gives Denver residents safe and legal places to consume cannabis. Children in the home or landlord restrictions can remove that choice, and it’s important for people, especially medical cannabis users to have options. Even elderly people in nursing homes are not allowed to consume in their residences, and those are sometimes the people who need it most.

Imagine vaping with grandma over tea at your local coffee shop next time you go for a visit, or being able to go out and enjoy an edible with your meal. This initiative would also ease the issues of throwing cannabis-friendly events. We in the community know this struggle is real. And it all comes back to the importance of normalizing cannabis use in our culture.

This pilot program is written to allow vaporizing only indoors, which prevents any violation of Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act. Certain rooftops and patios could be approved for smoking if up to neighborhood standards. And since Initiative 300 must be neighborhood-approved, businesses must get the okay from the neighborhood committee before making any smoking arrangements.

This helps Denver residents decide where we want our cannabis to be consumed and put into motion a promise made by Amendment 64—to treat cannabis like alcohol. Having options like this in place will not only stimulate the economy, and open up more business opportunities, it will also give the large number of canna curious tourists an easier way to get a buzz without breaking the law. Right now, it’s a constant effort to educate people new to Colorado on where to safely and legally consume. We are on the forefront of cannabis culture here in Colorado, and must continue to lead the way responsibly.

For more information, please visit limitedsocialuse.org

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