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Hey DGC,

Colors of space, grown in 20gal no till. Top dressed and also fed biobizz biogrow and blue gold flower fusion. Looks nice. Lacks in overall smell. Nothing that stands out. Kind of disappointing. I have to say and I’m very much novice when growing out breeders beans but at 250$ a 10pack 125$ a 5 pack (I paid 75$ on April 20) the seeds were not impressive.
One was a straight herm balls and tits at each node. This one has some weird deformed veriegated leaves. One is decent looking one is just ok. My grow dot challenger is the only one that could be worth growing again and it still threw a few sacks I caught early on and luckily she hasn’t grown any more. Might have missed one bc I see a seed or two in the other flowers. So with this experience I think I’m going to buy a clone a can work with being my staple bread maker and pop a bean or two for variety and maybe find a keeper. Too much hassle making clones of everything to see if they are worth a crap and keep them alive for 3 months trying to keep them happy tho then have to scrap them. At 250$ a clone I can assure I will have the best. I couldn’t say with any confidence I would find a keeper in a 250$ 10 pack from these guys.