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What is growing on, DGC! You guys rock…keep up the great work. If it wasn’t for a community like this, I wouldn’t have a grower community deep in dark prohibition land. This is my fourth grow, but my first grow I’m truly proud of. Always striving to get better with each and every grow.

These beauties are Grape Walker Kush autos by Mephisto Genetics. Five of these were grown in a 5×5 GGT under 2 HLG 320XL V2 RSpecs in 3 gallon Radicle Bags, using GH FloraTrio, Calmag, Therm X-70, and Hydroguard feeding up to 5 times an 18/6 light cycle when in flower in Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite mix. Taking care of the smell and air intake with an AC Infinity 6″ and Phresh carbon filter. Always monitored by my Pulse monitor as well.

I have already harvested one of these plants and ended up with 6.8 ounces of plump buds. If they all produce this much, I’ll have more weed that I’ll know what to do with…though I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

I’m not good at giving descriptive names to the smells and taste, but it does have a nice sweet overall smell, and it tastes like it smells. But the high!! That, I can describe! Imagine Darth Vader pressing the warp speed button on his starfighter! It’s a high that gets you bouncing to the music that’s playing while dazing outside with a time-warp type of feel where it feels like it’s 5 PM when it’s only 10 AM. All that followed by a nice body relaxation. Very nice, indeed.

Again, much thanks to you guys.