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Welll this is ittt my first grow down in the south, not to shabby but deff could use some pointers Soil(foxfarm) + Distilled Water watered ever 1-2 days, used a 1 gallon fabric pot, topped once, slipped up at the end and let a friend finish it off at his house for the last 2 weeks *smells* …long story short it had been close to the light for awhile … but I kept turning it…. he didn’t… sooo towards the finish it killed a lot of the crystals and dried some leaves. I should’ve trimmed and let grow but I chopped it ….. on the bright side still looks and smells dankkk !!Happy Growing DGC!

Update: So I started the auto at the end of Jan sprouting into the beginning of Feb ,chopped May 11th and I’m currently drying atm…i will then put into a jar… I was very impressed with this strain being my first grow by myself… I was strapped for space and a place… u guessed it, I’m currently staying with my folks ….just graduated college and working full time! As a hobby I picked up the study of cannabis on a growing level… I went to an antique shop just in search of the perfect housing for my scheme. Scratch that I actually went into this place looking for a present for my parents for Christmas… no religious now but still celebrate with fam… anyways back to the story I ran across this 10-20yr old antique night stand or couch side cupboard. I ingeniously cut this bad boy up and soon had her bumping with some ac infinity fans with temp probe, and a 150w growstar with a hook to hang on the inside which also conviently moves with the top cup holder “slider” slot above the draw I cut in half to house the light which I also I mended back to together to hold a pair of pruning scissors ✂️ under what I felt like there were complications from the light being to close and the plant not being flipped around when it was reaching the light with long story short the plant started to smell*!? And I let my friend water for the last 2 weeks and the light was to close for a day which created a lot of bud deceleration so I just chopped in which I felt was a lil early but tell me what y’all think!! Thanks and Happy Growing! first grow by myself. #dontsleeponMe #dowNnc #FarmBoiMJ #Organic