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Hey guys, love the show thanks for the great content.

Since I live in Canada and I’m an everyday smoker, I decided to get my 1st grow going. Last christmas got a Mammoth 4x4x6 tent. A 315w LEC boss commercial fixture with a Phillips CMH lamp. Got an 4 inch inline fan and 4,  7 g pots with trainwreck strain in them.

My soil was basically promix with worm castings and peat( didn’t have much time and my 2nd cycle im using better soil) Used Biobizz grow, bloom , and top max. Topped and LST my plants. ( A MAJOR THANK YOU TO THIS SITE, YOU GUYS, AND YOUTUBE) Never would have had the balls to do that stuff to my plants without the help and advice.

I live in NS, Canada and my tent is in the basement. So i battled cold all year. Basement went from anywhere around 8C – 14C most of the time. So i had to put a small heater in there, and i ran a duct from the furnace in there. I was able to keep my temps in the low 70’s in the day and mid 60’s with lights out. But i did have some fluctuation when the heater turned off, to cool off, or the furnace kicked in. I could only run my inline fan for 30 min on then 30 off on a timer, as it would make the tent to cold if it ran constantly.

So the grow went good and the trainwreck looks and tastes better the anything then you buy legally around here(again thanks so much guys)43 Days of veg and cut on day 65 of flower. I got around 400g ( hung the whole plant for 7 days then trimmed and cured for 2 weeks before weighed) So im very happy with that for my 1st grow. But the one negative is that the plants hermied and some of the buds are filled with dam seeds. Smoke is still good but i know i lost weight and its just a pain with seeds in it.

Sorry for the long post but my question is, what would cause this to happen( sorry my dam question mark wont work on my keyboard haha) I’ve read that major temp swings(which i had) and light leak at night(which i had from from the light on the heater) can cause a plant to hermie. I also only bought the $3 individual trainwreck seeds. Not the big name company ones. Thanks for any advice you can give.