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Hey what’s going on DGC?

I’ve got something going on in my current grow that has me scratching my head. My first two grows have been from the same exact genetics. Got a quarter of Strawberry Fields from a dispensary and found about 10 perfectly viable seeds. I sprouted one back in April and took my time growing her, by the time I harvested in mid-September I walked away with a yield of 3.38 oz which I was extremely proud of considering it was my first grow and off a single plant.

On my second grow now, twins from the exact same line, but I’ve run into a complication. One of the plants is a lot smaller than the other. It doesn’t look deficient in anything and the leaves are all a nice color of green, but for some reason she’s a good 3 or 4 inches shorter than her sister. Could this just be a phenotypical variation?

My medium is ProMix. I’ve been using FoxFarm Big Bloom and Grow Big as the main fertilizers. I had a couple periods where both plants showed yellowing lower leaves, but a blood meal tea fixed the issue quickly in both plants. I’m using Mykos (Xtreme Gardening) for mycorrhizae, investing in Recharge ASAP to help with that.

For lighting, I started them in a 2×4 with a 600W HPS and they HATED it. I have an inline fan and rigged some exhaust tubing to my AC to cool the tent, so temps were OK, but there was still way too much light for two baby plants. I moved them to my other 2×4 where I’ve got a 300W Mars Hydro “blurple” light. I know everyone hates on them, but my first harvest with one was fantastic so I opted to put them in there rather than roast them alive.

They bounced back and have been doing fine ever since. The only thing now is that one seems to be doing even better than the other. Any idea or insight as to why? And do you have any advice on how I might be able to get the small one to stretch more?

The last picture of the set was 2 weeks before harvest of my first grow – just to show what this little light is actually capable of.