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Hey guys so i know im about to jump on a dead horse and start beating it but im curious….does adding organic nutrients besides food sources for your tea like molasses make a difference in the quality of compost tea you get as far as microbe and fungal population count goes? (kelp insect frass fish hydrolysate micronutrients maybe talk about coconut water in leu of molasses as a food source and the bad rap molasses gets idk… or something like fulvic and humic acids) and as a follow up… knowing you cant have one without the other but is there a better way to make fungal vs. bacteria tea or vice versa besides the time you let it brew? I heard adding ground up dry mushrooms/chitin can boost fungal populations in teas…love to hear all of the thoughts/ideas…as an experiment im gonna try making a tea out of recharge soil balance and worm castings… overkill?

Also, I’ve noticed that lately retail stores are trying super hard in Colorado to keep the integrity of their extracts but the quality is going down….sometimes you get those super clear dabs that taste like ass and other times you get those super dark ones that taste amazing but you know someone just smashed a bud with some flat iron and called it good…so either they are pressing them at bad temps or using just trim for it maybe the strain or taking one too many steps to press it to make it seem pure or shortcuts like using butane to make their oil seen it tasted it hard pass but i guess my question for you the dgc is what do you all consider the optimal extract? and some simple steps or rules to work towards badass extracts and can you go into how to get those…my friend recently showed me something that looked like rock candy pressed flat… i feel like sometimes these practices are moving as fast as the led technology and I’m getting left behind.