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Dude, Scotty, Guru & DGC,

I’ve been a dedicated listener to the show now for nearly a year and I want start this post off right by sincerely thanking you and the crew who make the show possible. Aside from the obvious breathe of invaluable information the show has to offer, for me personally, I get to briefly escape the stresses of life, especially now more than ever when my marriage of 8yrs seems to be at the precipace of demise. Tuning into the show gives me something positive to distract my mind, even for a brief moment to not dwell on all the negative shit that life throws at me, like anyone else. Furthermore you guys have undoubtedly made my commute to and from work much safer since I started this job a year ago. I work third shift and damn near would careen off the road almost every morning on my 30+min drive home taking the dreaded i4 (Shout out Scotty, you know where I’m at). Anyhow, as always, I was listening in on this most recent podcast and y’all were talking about having your dank stinking up the homestead. I thought I’d share this simple, affordable, and discreet way to conceal that LOUD. Head down to your local Walmart, GNC, Vitamin Shop, or hell even Amazon and pick up one of those protein shakers that come with the stainless steel coil ball and throw you most dankest of the dank in that puppy, and I shit you not, the moment you twist that lid on, you cant smell shit, even if you press your nose up to that sucker, all you’ll get a whiff of is that BPA free plastic lol! For extra measure, grab one which isnt clear (darker the color the better) so it doesn’t show the contents of it either! Well DGC, that officially concludes my first ever post to the community. I hope it helps some of y’all out. I do plan on contributing to the crew financially once this personal drama gets resolved, but until then I’ll continue to listen in and spread the word of the show to all whom I come across. Its the least I can do for all the joy and knowledge that the DGC and especially Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the crew who keep the show going, have bestowed upon me. Much love for all the DGC and anyone who helps to make the community stronger by reinforcing positive stereotypes that aim towards the common goal of enlightening the ignorant population through well, thought out information, discussions, and most importantly actions. Keep fighting the good fight everyone, and continue to push prohibition down!