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Hey to all the DGC:

Not a typical dang nug, but I got a Source Turbo about a month ago and have loved playing around with this thing and seeing all it can do.  I saved a decent amount of the trim from my last harvest, but didn’t have a plan and didn’t really know what to do with it.   A few months ago, you guys (mostly Guru) were playing around with yours and showing off what it could do and that looked like the perfect solution and gave me tons of options on potential finished product.  I had no idea something like the Source even was around until I saw it on the DGC.  I am loving just playing around and making shatter, wax, and i have even tried my hand at making vape cartridges.

I didn’t keep my strains separate when I trimmed so this is a mix of my last 3 strains that I grew.  All grown under 700 watts of HLG quantum panels in a 4×4.

I am newer member and  really wanted to give back for the knowledge you guys give and the products you guys show off.

Below is a pic of the nugs that came from the same harvest and playing with the Source.  Love the show and the community and hope to be able to make it to the next DGC Cup.