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Broke my back while working for the state last year and got fired for it, so I am going whole hog into growing. I have an opportunity to sell my house in town and buy 20 or 40 acres in the forest somewhere in Montana. The weather here is some of the coldest in the nation. So my plan to combat that is to get 3 – 20′ conexs and bury them into the side of a slope. The reason for this is in the ground the conex’s will be better insulated, for cold and heat, and easier to maintain a constant temperature via heaters. And three of them because I want a veg, bloom boom room and one for messing around with genetics and keeping the boys isolated. So my questions are, has anyone done this and what issues did you have? I was figuring blue foam boards and spray insulation to mellow the chill from the earth, likely at about 48-55 degrees year round. I can seal it with something or other (gotta research that unless someone has ideas). Probably 3 vents outside on each, but I am open to having more if there is a reason I am not seeing. I can set it so I essentially have a huge french drain under each one so I can just install drains to the floor. As far as heaters I am on the fence about using 1000w hps’s that I have, plus LEC’s or go to LED and get some heaters that can produce CO2, I do have CO2 tanks as well so there will be CO2 one way or the other, just wonder what would be more efficient. I will likely be on a solar and generator set-up for power. I am looking at investing $30,000 to $40,000 on this, and doing most of the work myself will save me a ton of money. What else am I missing? Other than switching out the square metal doors for round wood ones so I can have some hobbit holes! Thanks, and I really appreciate the show and am a Proud Patron! See you in July!!!