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Hey guys, so my past few harvests from my 5×5 flower tent have been pretty solid using a 1000w HPS with a intake and exhaust fan, but I still believe the temp is getting just a bit too high during the day cycle. I know I would like to upgrade to a HLG 650r in the future, but I would also love to seal the tent and add co2 as well. I took the exhaust and intake fans and ducts out and sealed up all the vent ports to see what my temps would reach during the day cycle. My HPS light is cooled with a fan sucking air from outside the tent (in the room), over the light, and into a cutout in the wall pushing the hot air out of the room and into the ceiling/wall and never entering the tent or room. My temp inside the tent with the light on reaches about 88-89F. I was thinking about adding a portable AC to the room and sending the ducts out the same cutout in the wall where the lights’ fan is exhausting into. I’m hoping that if I drop the temps in the room 5-10 degrees, it will drop the temps inside the tent as well, considering colder air is used to cool the light. But I was also thinking that by upgrading to the 650r could drop the temps in the tent enough to not even need the AC outside the tent.

Any thoughts or ideas? Do you think adding the AC to the room will work?