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More of a gratitude story for sure, the most important part, for me. I’ve been DGC going on years, and frequent Seedsherenow. Customer service stellar as always, I had sent I’m my payment via money order/ mail service. Seedsherenow was going through some website changes, as well as whom to list as “payment to.”  I mailed my payment with confidence, later realizing, I think I fucked up. Lol short story long, in the confusion (& payment being returned) I was “gifted” some beans for the inconvenience!! Skeptical, thought, prob some beans nobody wants! No my friends,  she’s looks and smells dank, taste test to come with a few more days of cure! Grown in coco/peat/worm castings, recharge fosho, gaia green amendments 444, spider farmer sf1000 ×2(75% peak flower power), fab pots, wet 2 dry watering, 90ish days, smells of gas and sweet, sticky and greasy, gunked my sissors forsure,  changed gloves multiple×. Trim was a breeze,  grew easy af. So thanks James bean, the staff at seedsherenow,  thanks dudegrows and DGC!!