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Hey DGC, long time listener first time poster. I recently moved into a house and am planning my first solo grow. I have a 8×10 cement room in my basement that i am going to put a 5×9 tent in. I want to use led’s for lighting, specifically 2 sk402’s, and a dehumidifier in the tent. Those are my only heat sources in the tent. How can i keep my tent at an optimal temperature without using a/c? I want to use co2 and keep the tent as sealed as possible. If i have plenty of fans moving air across my lights and d/h, can i set an exhaust fan to a temp sensor and just dump the hot air until temps are good again? I understand that this would drive my co2 cost up but i cant add a/c to my equation without changing my electric setup which as a renter i cant do.
I also want to keep odor to an absolute minimum to appease the girlfriend and not disturb my neighbors. My room is about 10X8 and i want to put my 5×9 tent in it and seal the room. I was thinking id have a carbon filter extracting from my tent, only when temps are high, dumping into the 8×10 room. If i had another carbon filter outside of the tent scrubbing and recirculating the air dumped from my tent could i keep odors pretty low? Any tips and help is appreciated. Stay blazed friends!