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Hey crew, here’s a quick grow hack for ya!

In my grow room I have an uninsulated attic right above my grow.  I needed to to run a power cord up there but didn’t want bugs or hot air sneeking through the cord hole and making their way into my garden.

My solution was to make a little pass through tunnel with a piece of PVC pipe, and using some foam clone collars to seal the ends of the pipe around the cord.

A power cord being run through my ceiling to the attic. The PVC pipe makes a nice clean tunnel for the cord to pass through, and a foam clone collar at each end seals up the pipe so nothing else can get through.

If you need to run a power cord, irrigation tubes, or any other sort of small thing through a wall or ceiling, use a piece of PVC pipe and two of those round foam pieces from a cloning machine.

Drill a hole in the wall where you want the cords to go through, then stick a short piece of PVC pipe in the hole and secure it in place with some expanding foam.  If you want, paint the pipe to make it look nice.

Then run your cords or wires through and put one of those foam clone collars at each end of the pipe to seal up the holes.  The pipe creates a nice clean pass through for you to run your wires or irrigation through the wall, and the foam clone collars seal up the pipe so no bugs or unwanted air can leak through into your garden

I‘m not 100% sure, but I think in this case I used a 1.75 inch pipe and a 2 inch clone collar.  The foam clone collar being a little bit bigger than the pipe makes sure its a super tight fit so nothing can get through.  The foam is really soft, so its not hard to shove a 2 inch collar into a slightly smaller pipe to create a tight seal.

(Exact pipe and clone collar size doesn’t really matter that much, just make sure your pipe is big enough that you can fit the plug end of your cord through the hole, and then get a clone collar thats roughly the same size or slightly bigger than your pipe.)

Thanks for reading and Happy Growing!

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