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At 4 AM Friday morning I crawled out of bed got ready and hit the road with my 72 year old uncle.  The destination, The Cowboy Cup in Stillwater Oklahoma. We both got our licenses for home cultivation as soon as it became available in our state, and have been loving the freedom to grow for the last two years. I’ve been to two small local cannabis events, but nothing very impressive. With the Cowboy Cup on the calendar, I talked to my uncle about my upcoming trip, and he said he wanted to come along if we would be coming back the same day; I jumped at the opportunity. It meant sacrificing some time to hang out and get the full big event experience I’ve dreamt about since I was a rebellious teenager hearing about high times events in Amsterdam. That didn’t matter to me though, I was honored to bring him so we could experience the event together for the first time, as he’s been under prohibition for something like 50 years of cannabis use.

We were able to browse and see the freedom at work, everyone seemed carefree and inviting as we made our way through and stopped to hear from our favorite companies, the best personalities, and smell the finest smoke in the land all around us. I especially made it a point to come see the DGC at their booth and it was an amazing experience. I had just smoked some hash on the way to their booth, and fired up a joint while I was there which was a mistake, because when I started talking to scotty I could tell I was soooo high there’s no way I couldn’t come off goofy. But I’m sure they could tell and rolled right through it. Thanks for the hang Dude and Scotty, I hope you enjoyed to Temple Ball hash I made, in your new hash pipe Dude; thanks for the memories!

13 hours in a truck, 2 hours on the ground in Smokelahoma. Totally freakin worth it.