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This is a long story but I feel the need to share it because I want to see what everyone thinks about this experience.

It would make the most sense to start from the beginning. I travel and purchase legal marijuana then give reviews on the experience. I Purchased a preroll, specifically grenadine by cookies. and in IL it is grown by a cultivator named Ascend. While shopping online a few weeks after that purchase I noticed the same grower had a strain called Skunk Superhero and I figured I would try it since the grew a yummy grenadine. I purchase it and go on home to smoke.

I am pretty amazed at what I see as I pull out a three gram nugg from the pack. I break some pieces into my grinder and when I empty I notice ALOT of seed shells. I look further into the bud and find even more ready to plant seeds. I was pissed, I spent 70 dollars after tax for the for an eight that ended up having more than 14 seeds in it. Then the bud although looked great had almost no flavor and did not give me the sativa high I was expecting. I call the dispensary back to see if there is a policy for heavily seeded weed and receive no answer for two days.

I then go into the dispensary for answers, The security guard was an off duty officer who was ridiculing the people shopping like it was all a joke and we were just potheads. He makes me wait outside until a manager can help me. The manager eventually only accepts to service me outside of the dispensary and when he came out he brought another armed guard with him which I felt was confrontational. I try to explain the situation showing him the product and my receipt he told me it was against the law for him to look at my weed and I had to put it away. He heard me out and then explained that there is no guarantee to quality of weed I would receive also adding that people are usually happy to find seeds. He also said that theres natural situations where seeds can grow within the buds, I replied saying I know what causes seeds to appear in bud, Hermes harsh environments and loose males in the grow as well as unstable cultivars. He was surprised with my knowledge and I said either way it is the fault of the grower who should not be allowed to sell out seeded bud without prior warning and they should own up to their mistakes either by not selling the bud or not hiding the poor quality behind a blank white zip bag.  I told him I found it unacceptable as I paid for a top shelf item and got trash.

The entire situation was pretty embarrassing as I all took place outside in front of a line of customers waiting. I was sent away with an email to what was an automated service machine that started spamming my email telling me that to resolve my issue I had to go to the dispensary with photos and a receipt of the said product which is exactly what I did the day I went in the first place. I contacted several dispensaries outside of the state to see their policy on the issue and they all said the usually give discounts or refunds which I was not offered either. I think in this situation it is pretty dirty that there is basically no customer service or consideration and beyond that no accountability over the products they are selling to people who are forced to pay sky high prices for mid grade.

I guess I am simply asking am I wrong or over reacting? Do you all agree with me on this situation? Has this ever happened to anyone? MOST IMPORTANTLY how do we keep these cultivators and dispensaries honest? Hold them accountable for their products in some way? At this moment I really have lost faith and trust in dispensaries in IL.