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Hey DGC hope everyone is enjoying the summer!!! Been a member for a few months now love the content love the atmosphere keep it going!

So not sure if this is normal I’ve just never really seen it happen. I’m growing in 3 gallon fabric bags in peat and perlite mix. They were recently transplanted from solo cups week 5 around June 18th. Temps are low 80’s always, humidity low 60’s. I’m growing under a HLG 550 v2 eco. General hydroponics and Recharge! I stopped using tap water and started using distilled because as much as everyone says my tap water is good around 150 ppm I am constantly running into issues with something this time it’s slow growth and purple stems So I thought why not try distilled (I will get RO in future can’t right now) but I just elevated the plants a few inches and noticed the roots are blowing out the bottoms. Also the sides in a few spots. Does this mean I can’t transplant again? And are you guys seeing over-watering signs causing stress? The roots had no oxygen so they tried to escape the fabric pots? Purple stems I think are from phosphate lockout because of excess calcium? I have 99 ppm calcium per whatever they measure it by. I feel like I’ve gained so much knowledge but it’s almost information overload lol! I try to keep it simple and I dunno just always something lol! Please help dgc 😊✌️