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Hello DGC! I just got my new rosin press and I figured this was worth finally posting on here. Living in prohibition land makes me very nervous but I just wanted to show this beauty off so bad. This model is the Mighty, it has a 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack with the ability to be upgraded, large 4×9 inch plates, and each plate has its own PID temperature controller with two heating elements. It has the ability to press up to 105 grams but the most so far that I’ve pressed is 36 grams of Grand Daddy Purple (Blimburn Seeds) with 7 grams of rosin (19.44% yield) in return. On their website ( they have their newer models that they just released so the Mighty isn’t listed anymore but if you ask them, they will probably honor the price. It was $895 and $1060 total to my door from across the country. They are built to order from California so don’t expect it at your door for a month. This thing is so damn heavy and built like a tank. CRD is also veteran and medical patient friendly and will work with you on the order. Been watching the show for a couple of years and a supporter for about 6 months. Living where I do, I don’t have anybody to talk to about this stuff so the show always feels like home. Thanks for keeping this show going strong. Hopefully the fiancé and I can make it to a meet up.