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Hello Everyone. I’m posting this to share the success of my first homemade kelp extract and how you may do the same.

Tools needed

Air pump and air stone

large cooking pot and elements or fire.

coffee filters an a strainer.

The process starts

Clean your kelp well of all salts. salt will cause ion toxicity in a plant.

cook your deserved Kelp or seaweed in water simmer for 3 hours. stirring it once in a while until dark brown to black. ( remove seed after cooled)

Filter through coffee filters to catch any larger particles

After Oxygenate it with an air pump and stone for 4 hours. results ready to use kelp extract.

Keep cool under 4c or continues oxygenate to keep fresh. Thank you to everyone at dudegrows an on the site for helping me understand more about grown. as you can tell im new an going organics.