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First off thanks for featuring my question on the last episode about the 12/12 from seed. To touch base on the tissue culture questions. I have a clean room area where cultures will be made and maintained, and yes I can store and create thousands of plants with a few callus masses from the tissue cultures. I’m looking to bank the tissue cultures to have hundreds of strains available without any seed(or make artificial seed with tissue cultures in the fake seed), at a moments notice.  The good part is you test the plant once and it should always be the same CBD/THC levels, each time just as a clone, but without the cells being mature and the plants life cycle starts over every time you culture it.

I will be making some polyploid plants, by subjecting seeds to Colchicine derived from Autumn Crocus (a common flower which is poisonous) by crushing their seeds or extracting from the plants. This will be a big project but I think the time is worth the reward.

This has been used in the industry to create large flowers and used in breeding forever.  Colchicine is used for gout treatment and over ingesting it can actually kill you, so you don’t want to be smoking the 1st generation of plants, just the ones you grow from the seed you create.  It mutates the plants to double up the chromosomes and then it becomes a polyploid, not a diploid. I have read that tetraploids 4n grow slowly. So my idea is create a tetraploid, and then pollinate with a standard diploid 2n, which will make it a 3n (pretty much the equivalent of a mule, cannot create offspring sort of )   (for reference:  A horse has 64 chromosomes, and a donkey has 62. The mule ends up with 63. Mules can be either male or female, but, because of the odd number of chromosomes, they can’t reproduce)

Polyploid is a natural mutation in nature in which a cells get extra sets of chromosomes(think of giant redwood trees  66 chromosomes total, I wondering if any of those extra chromosomes make them huge?). Cannabis plants are usually diploid 2 chromosome, which means that they have two complete sets of chromosomes. Those being Polyploids have a higher number of chromosomes sets, so there can be triploid (3n), tetraploid (4n ) on and on. You can keep going higher. But here comes the interesting part.

If you have a triploid (three sets; 3x), for example seedless watermelons  you can have an outdoor grow that cannot be pollinated ever by regular 2n diploid pollen. or pollen from hemp naturally growing. So you could breed in a grow room and not accidentally pollinate the plants, sitting next to them.  not my photos, but the general idea, this i believe is the slower growing polyploid.


A common flower that now has doubled up chromosomes.  They look like aliens I know.

I believe if you were to look at some strains that are higher THC they possibly could be triploid 3n plants now. which would explain if you are having issues breeding other strains to it, and the ever increasing THC levels.


I will publish videos on this also.  I have some research on this subject along with the tissue cultures for a number of years just just started growing this year. So I will be posting lots of info online.

Love to hear you take on this. I know I have some ambitious projects, but there are hundreds of haters that will say 12/12 from seed is crap, and I bet with some strains sure. But when I find that strain I can produce a lot and have constant flower coming out I’ll be happy.

Also I will share my creations with giveaways, with the community.

thanks,  MaineGrower