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What’s up Dude, Scotty, Guru & DGC!
So, before I get into my dank nug, I want to thank you all for creating this community and giving growers the opportunity to connect. I struck up a conversation on the discord community with DGC member Stonedtroutbum. If your reading this what’s up man! So I took a trip from NY to Michigan yesterday to meet up with Stonedtroutbum to get a few cuts and sample some of his Crescendo. If this road trip doesn’t signify what the DGC is all about I don’t know what does! Sharing cannabis, experiences, getting stoned and just being able to have a sense on normality in these times by having a conversation with someone you’ve just met thru a mobile app. So once again thank you so much DGC, Dude, Scotty and Stonedtroutbum.

So I hope my picture does justice for Stonedtroutbums crescendo! This flower is just down right phenomenal. The smell and potency are top notch and the taste is just what I like. Very smooth and tastes so clean. There is not a bad thing I could say about this flower. The bud structure is great, nice and dense. Great trichome production and super sticky. I visited multiple dispensaries in Michigan and purchased a few of the most expensive strains I could find and they don’t even compare.
I’m giving this strain a 9.5/10
Excellent job well done!
Thank you so much DGC!