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Hey crew,

Love this community you started. Discord is outstanding, shout out to stonetroutbum, oneeyedcatcannabis, bluntly, fajita wink, therm, sunnyinb an may others. Oh and Jmystro for keeping the peace.

Let’s do this, This is my version of crescendo rbx1 stb S1. Original genetics ethos, another DGC gifted me some seeds. He made. He took his 2 best females reversed 1 an made fem seed. So, she was a fun plant to grow very vigorous. She was grown in DWC, lotus nutes. Grow, bloom an boost, Mammoth P, slf 100, orca, bud candy, silica, hydro guard, an finished with winters frost. Super cropped her after 5 nodes, some l.s.t. to fill in a 2×3  cabinet. All under a mars ts1000 an a 40$ bloom spec 100 watt total wattage 250. Harvest days away. Has a fuel, sweet citrus nose. Buds are dense and frosty. Keep it flowing so we can be better growers

Uncle luke61